imatge_aboutEnjoy Catalonia are two words that together express exactly what I try to offer: personalized guided tours for locals, expats and visitors who want to discover Catalonia and its capital, Barcelona, in an organized yet relaxed way.

My name is Toni Bellido and I founded ENJOY CATALONIA some years ago, when I decided to turn a hobby into my job. I know Catalonia very well and I enjoyed showing my homeland to friends who came to Barcelona from abroad or from other parts of Spain. So one day, while I was working in my office, I had the best idea of my life: quit my job, change my lifestyle and make a living showing people Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia.

I had studied Journalism and History when I was at university and, after passing an exam, I became an Official Local Guide accredited by the Catalan Government (guide license 2811).

And since then, I offer guided tours and visits to discover Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia from a local perspective, highlighting our food, history, art, architecture and lifestyle.

I speak English, French, Spanish and Catalan and I adapt all my tours according to my clients’ preferences and interests. I can pick you up at your hotel or wherever you want and, as an official guide, I can show you any museum and monument in Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia and we don’t have to queue.

I offer specialized guided tours in Barcelona and day trips around Catalonia for couples, families and groups; for locals, expats and visitors; for agencies and business companies; for schools and all kinds of cultural institutions.

And last but not least, I have wonderful associates who help me when I am not available. I trust them and I know they are nice people and very professional guides.