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A semi-urban tour that combines a guided visit to the Labyrinth Park with an easy hike to Can Masdeu, a very popular squatted social centre

The Romantic garden of Laberint d’Horta is Barcelona’s oldest garden and it is also the home to the Torre Sobirana, a 14th century country house, which was restored and redecorated in the Arabesque style in the 19th century. The park takes its name from the maze, created from pollarded cypress trees; it is a meeting place where young and old alike, who visit this charming spot at the foot of the Collserola Ridge, can enjoy their leisure time.

Can Masdeu is a squatted social centre, residence and community garden in Collserola Park on the outskirts of Barcelona. A former leper hospital which had been abandoned for some 53 years before it was occupied by squatters, it became famous in 2002, when non-violently resisted an eviction attempt by chaining themselves together and climbing on top of tripods.

  • This semi-urban hike is not difficult, but a minimum degree of fitness is required!!!
  • This tour includes a guided visit to the Labyrinth Park (entrance fees are not included in price)

Duration: 4 hours
Departure: We can pick you up wherever you want
Transport: On foot and public transport (metro or taxi)
Price: 180 euros per group (maximum of 40 people)

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