Day Trips around Catalonia

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girona-besaluA day trip to discover the wonderful city of Girona and the medieval town of Besalú: a combination of culture, history and nature

We will start our day trip in the city of Girona, which has one of the most evocative historic centres in Spain, with certain elements that are unique in Europe: an exceptionally well-preserved Jewish Quarter, the spectacular Carolingian wall and the grandeur of the Cathedral’s Gothic nave, the widest in the world.

After lunchtime we will head towards the beautiful town of Besalú, with one of the best-preserved Jewish quarters in Catalonia and the Iberian peninsula: a mikveh from the 12th century and traces of a synagogue closed in the 13th century.

  • During this day trip, we will visit the Cathedral (Girona) and the Miqveh (Besalú)
  • We can adapt this tour to your preferences if you wish to visit a certain monument/museum or explore a certain theme in greater depth 
Enjoy Catalonia

Duration: 8-10 hours
Departure: Departing from Barcelona or Girona
Transport: Private car/minivan with driver (small groups) or private coach (large groups)
Price: On request

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